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1) Specifically, evaluation tools should perform the following functions:
    * Execute automated accessibility checks to determine the accessibility 
of the Web content;
[Suggestion: "... to determine (to the extent possible) the accessibility ... "
Rationale: the next section says that automated tools cannot do everything, 
which seems to contradict the bullet as written.]

2) "How Evaluation Tools Can Not Help You"
Many accessibility checks remain non-automatable by current computer 
technology, these must be manually evaluated by experienced Web developers.

[Suggestion: "... by experienced Web developers and/or users of assistive 
Rationale: I don't think we should ever miss the opportunity to remind 
people of the importance of including PWD in the process of evaluation.]

3) I have a general problem with Section 2. "Types of Web Accessibility 
Evaluation Tools".  And that is that the breakdown of types in this 
document does not match the breakdown of types in the General section of 
ER's Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web Content 
Accessibility [] (because they 
aren't broken down at all, merely listed alphabetically).  Someone moving 
from one to the other may be confused by this.  One possibility is to ask 
ER (or have EO) attempt to sort the existing tools list into groups as 
defined in this draft.

4) I really like the question and answer format of Section 3. "Evaluating 
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools".

Chuck Letourneau
Starling Access Services

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>Based on the last round of comments, I've made a new revision of the 
>document "Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools" for you to review. 
>Please read the document and comment to the list:
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