Re: for review this week: changed WAI home page specs

Hello Shawn and all, 

I will try to answer some questions in your e-mail below: 

A 03:32 09/06/2005, Shawn Henry a écrit :

>* prototype:
>1. How well does this proposal facilitate users accomplishing tasks such as:
>a. [TOP PRIORITY!] This is my first time to visit the WAI home page- I need the basics about WAI, like what do they do anyway?!

SD: I think this easy to find. 

>b. I come to the new WAI home page every week or two and want to find the latest info.

SD: I'm not sure where to find this, it would be easier to have two pages to compare what  is new on one  page compared with the former one. 

>c. Judy said I could find a link to the latest WCAG 2 Working Draft and recent presentations on the WAI home page, [Announcements section in the right column].

SD: I think this is easy to find. 

>d. [low priority] I wonder if WAI is going to be in my area of the world any time this summer?

SD: I'm not sure this is easy to find. I only found one event taking place in June in Brussels, but if  I live in australia how can I find if there is something there ?

>2. Does this proposal meet the need of making the home page seem friendly for "newbies" (e.g., by not putting "Working Group meetings" top, center) as well as the other issues discussed at the last teleconference and identified in the UCD analysis?

SD: No comments yet. 

>3. Is it fairly easy to figure out which information is static, and which information changes frequently?

SD: I'm not sure it is easy to find, see remark above on  1B.

>4. Will announcements be "above the fold" (that is, visible without scrolling) on _most_ _common_ configurations?

SD: From my perspective, they are easy to find. 


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