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Hello Shawn and all, 
A 02:30 10/06/2005, Shawn Henry a écrit :
>>>3. [DRAFT] WAI Search Results page mockup:
>>- For the presentation of the results, would it be clearer to display them in ordered lists ol and li, with one number for each result? 
>SLH: Good point. However, I'm pretty sure that we wouldn't be able to have the results numbered across pages - that is, if the second pages shows results 20-30, they would still have to start with #1. So numbering might add confusion on other than the first page of results.
>In any case, we might have limited ability to do anything with them (especially in the short-term) as the results are from Google.

SD: I understand your point, but I think it could bring less confusion to users to have the results numbered in a certain way. In that case, you are sure that you are reading the next result when seeing the next number. 

>>SD: Do I have the same result if I click on the link "search all W3C mailing lists" or if I check the checkbox "search all W3C mailign lists"? 
>SLH: There is a checkbox for "WAI Mailing Lists". The link to "Search All W3C Mailing Lists" goes to a different search interface.

SD: to my opinion this should be explained somewhere in the search help. This would avoid confusing the user. 

>Question: How often do most people use the Advanced Search in everyday searching? e.g.,

SD: I don't have statisticds. I only know that I don't use it very often, but it can be useful when you fell that you get too many results. 


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