Element Type and Attribute definitions (from SGML)

Per our discussion this morning, I return to the original source for the 
that are now used in XML, HTML, etc: ISO 8879 SGML

4.110 element: A component of the hierarchical structure defined by a document
type definition (DTD); it is identified in a document instance by 
descriptive markup,
usually a start-tag and end-tag.

Note: an element is classified as being of a particular element type.

4.114 Element type: A class of elements having similar characteristics; for 
paragraph, chapter, abstract, footnote, or bibliography.

4.9 Attribute (of an element): A characteristic quality, other than type or 
Attribute values are specified in "attribute specification lists", which 
occur in
start-tags, ....There are fifteen types of attribute values.

4.15 attribute specification: a member of an attribute specification list; 
it specifies
the name and value of a single attribute.

7.9 Attribute Specification List

list members are pairs: attribute name and its value.


Note: the only permitted attributes (and possibly restrictions on their 
values) are included in the document type definition (or more recently a 

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