Initial draft Lexicon work!

Dear EOWG members,

Here is the next result of our Lexicon task force work (see attached Word document LexiconAZdraft.doc). In January we already presented the first results with the Lexicon entries and their descriptions that are also part of the ATAG glossary. In several EOWG calls we agreed on the descriptions. These are marked with ##.

During the technical plenary in Boston in March the EOWG discussed the Lexicon entry list and agreed on a smaller number of entries for the first version of the Lexicon at the least. There were several reasons to do so, e.g. we agreed not to include disability-related words and wanted to come with a first version of our work rather soon.

By now we have completed the initial draft of the Lexicon. Please review and send comments to the EOWG list!
The entries with a description starting with ## are already review by EOWG and agreed.
The entries with a description starting with ** are agreed by the Lexicon task force and should be discussed by EOWG.


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