Questia online library

I'm impressed by the comprehensive research resource, that claims to be
the world's largest Online Library:

Better Research with Questia

-Now with over 50,000 books and 399,000 journal, magazine, and newspaper 
articles - see the newest titles in our online library

-All books and articles are available in their entirety - search every page

-Credible content not found anywhere else on the Internet

Questia Makes Paper Writing Easy

Create footnotes and bibliographies automatically

Organize your work with the highlighter and project folders

Searching on
                           "Web accessibility"    "Web usability"
books:                             7                            4
Journal articles            12                          10
Magazine Articles         2                             3

Google finds about  1,550,000            341,000

Includes dictionary, thesaurus, and web search (Google)

I signed up $109.95/year

Regards/Harvey Bingham

Received on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 05:30:47 UTC