followup on prototype - RE: EOWG: Agenda for teleconference 22 October 2004

> 3. Site redesign
> - general update
> - a partial prototype of the navigation design starts at: 
> *** note that this 
> prototype is a rough mockup of navigation only. it does _NOT_ 
> represent the latest visual design iterations and the style 
> sheet is not technically sound. Some links in the 
> hierarchical navigation are active, some are not. [1]

EOWG folks,

I have completed most of the changes to the prototype that were
discussed in EOWG and agreed upon in yesterday's WSTF teleconference -

Please remember that this is a very rough partial prototype of the
navigation only, and as such:
- many of the links do not work (including the skip to content) [1]
- this is a design-less "wireframe" (without any visual design)
- the markup and style sheet are not technically sound

This prototype is not robust enough for review of anything except the
general information architecture (IA) and navigation flow. If you would
like to comment, please send to:
Put at the beginning of the subject line, "[prototype 8]" followed by
more specific subject information.

The WSTF will be doing some initial testing of the navigation. We expect
to have a more refined prototype to share with EOWG the middle of


~ Shawn

[1] active links from
- Getting Started
-- Introduction to Accessibility
-- Components
-- WAI Overview
- About WAI
- Guidelines & Resources
-- Guidelines & Techniques
--- Web Content WCAG
--- Authoring Tool ATAG
--- User Agent UAAG
---- UAAG Links
-- General
-- Implementing
--- Business Case 
---- Social Factors
---- Technical Factors
---- Financial Factors
---- Legal & Policy Factors
-- Evaluating
-- Developing Training
- WAI Groups
-- Education & Outreach EOWG

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