regrets for 22 October 2004 and comments re images

Hello, EOWG: 

Probable regrets for Friday meeting, as I'm fighting a cold and may not be able to rise and shine for the West Coast 5:30 a.m. meeting time.

However, I'd like to respond to Shawn's query about how the three images work in the HTML document:

1. They are more attractive than the previous images, add visual interest to the page, and make the page more inviting.

2. The content portion of the images is clear in representing the "natural information such as text, images, and sounds" but not the "code or markup that defines structure, presentation, etc."

The Guidelines and Tech Specs portion of the third image is clear, but the rest of the three images (users, developers, tools, and browsers/etc.) are confusing as there are many discrete pieces. Some suggestions:

a. Group the pieces of the users image and the pieces of the developers image more closely together so they are better perceived as one thing.

b. Create a distinct grouping for the tools text and its two squares and the browsers/etc. text and its two squares. Make all the squares grey so the straight white lines of the first image and the crooked white line stand out more clearly. I'm guessing that there may be some symbolism for the grey and white squares, but it's not clear to me what it is, if any.

Also, don't have four squares for the browsers/etc., as you've already implied multiplicity with the two squares. The crooked lines express the idea of work-around and compensation and will be clearer with less squares.

3. The images weigh in at about 25K each. However, I'm assuming that they will be optimized down the road.

I hope this is clear. This would be easier to describe in person.



Received on Friday, 22 October 2004 00:54:14 UTC