R: How People with Disabilities Use the Web

Hi Wayne,

I've read your comment, but I did not find any hostile sentence or concept;
simply, it seemed to me to be very realistic and honest. Many times, saying
things exactly as they are can be perceived as hostile, but in your case
it's just the truth.

My best regards,

Roberto Castaldo
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Hello Again,

Wow, I reread my little comment on using the web for reading, it sounds a
little hostile.  I guess my angry feelings about struggling with print are a
little stronger that I was aware.  Anyway, I do think reading is one of the
main uses of the web.  Print on paper is just to rigid to be universally
useful.  W3C has really created the linguistic infrastructure to eliminate
print handicapps permanently.  I just get frustrated when the world doesn't
see things my and adopt these standards instantly.


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