Personnas -- way to assess web sites

I'm glad to learn that personnas (representative of classes of users)
were used to aid in the WAI site redesign.

They are more mind-stretching for me.

1. Wednesday evening Steve Mulder <>
shared with the Boston Information Architects group

his ideas on Personnas in his 82-slide powerpoint presentation"

2. A prime reference is the book: About Face 2.0 – Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper has pertinent articles at

He has a newsletter that one can subscribe to free.

In it are articles about personnas:

Including four on "How to Create Personas"
and four on "Examples of Persona Use."

3. Another nice summary article where more detail is available:

Making Personas More Powerful: Details to Drive Strategic and Tactical Design

by George Olsen:

This includes further pertinent links.

Regards/Harvey Bingham

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