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Intro to: WCAG

From: Chuck Letourneau <cpl@starlingweb.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 10:01:02 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-eo@w3.org
Introduction to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Version: Early Rough Draft 2004.07.13
[ http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/sketchpad/wcag-intro ]

1. The current wording
Section: WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0, para. 2:
An advanced version, WCAG 2.0, is in development. WCAG 2.0 is being 
developed to be broadly applicable to different developing technologies and 
have increased usability and understandability, as documented in 
Requirements for WCAG 2.0
2. Concerns with the current wording
First sentence seems redundant in light of the second sentence.
Second sentence has the "bility" problem that I find jargony (and annoying).
3. Suggestions for revision ... something like:
WCAG 2.0 is being developed to apply to different emerging technologies and 
to be more usable and easier to understand, as documented in Requirements 
for WCAG 2.0
4. Reasons for the revision
See Concerns, above.

Chuck Letourneau
Starling Access Services  
Received on Thursday, 15 July 2004 10:01:20 UTC

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