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business case review this week and next week

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 20:44:46 -0600
To: "EOWG (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001101c40b00$a4fd8480$8c3fa842@SLHenry>

EOWG folks,


Please plan to review the business case resource suite this week and
next week, and send comments to the lists in preparation for a
close-to-final discussion at the Friday 26 March teleconference.


We had good discussion of the "business case" resource suite at the
Technical Plenary in Cannes two weeks ago. The major restructuring is
going very well.

Our deliverables list has as a goal to finish the business case in Q1
2004, which is this month. While we might not be able to totally finish
it in the next two weeks, I think we can get pretty close to getting it
ready for wider review.

The current status of the 6 pages is:
- Overview: needs rewrite
- Social: ready for content review (will do one more pass at
- Legal & Policy: ready for content review (will do one more pass at
- Financial: have a few changes yet to integrate (waiting for feedback
from Andrew & Henk)
- Technical: have a few changes yet to integrate (waiting for feedback
from Andrew & Henk)
- References: just notes dumped in, needs lots of work	

Overview page link:

For those who are able to review THIS WEEK, please focus on the
following pages and issues:

1. Legal & Policy

1a. The "Considerations for Different Types of Organizations" section
seems too repetitive with the questions in the first section.
- Should the information be separated differently between the sections?
Should more or less be repeated in both sections?
- Should the first question "Is Web accessibility required for this type
of organization?" include all the information from the bottom section
("Considerations for Different Types of Organizations") and the question
"Are there other Web accessibility policies the organization should
comply with?" -- note that the total would be much shorter because there
is a lot of repetition between the first question and the bottom
section, as well as within the subsections at the bottom.
- Or is it OK as is?

1b. Please review the new section "Addressing Multiple Standards or

2. General "wordsmithing"

The new format is introduction, then questions, then discussion. This is
currently implemented in the Legal & Policy Factors page and the Social
Factors page. Do you have suggestions for the wording for the transition
sentence at the end of the introduction, the heading for the questions
section, and the sentence introducing the questions? Current drafts are:

2a. "This page provides questions to help focus how [social] factors are
covered in the business case for a specific organization, and examples
of how [social] factors can be addressed in a customized case for Web
accessibility." 2b. "@@Focusing?Addressing?Covering?Customizing?@@
[Social] Factors for a Specific Organization" 2c. "The following points
can help focus how [social] factors are covered in a specific
organization's business case for Web accessibility:"

3. Updated status and additional review questions are in the changelog

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send comments to the list so we can discuss and
incorporate them throughout the next two weeks. Specifically:
- send copyedits (such as typos) and things that do not need EOWG
discussion to:
	wai-eo-editors@w3.org and shawn@w3.org
- send anything that needs EOWG discussion to:
	w3c-wai-eo@w3.org (please do NOT copy shawn@w3.org)

Depending on when I get the rest of the inputs from Andrew and Henk, I
hope to have the entire resource suite ready for final content review by
early next week. I will send out another e-mail when those pages are
complete and will include overall questions for review.

Please schedule time to review the entire resource suite before our
Friday 26 March teleconference, as we hope this will be one of the last
times we need to discuss it before sending it out for wider review.

Looking forward to wrapping up another deliverable soon!

Best regards,

~ Shawn
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