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REPLY TO: social factors - digital divide revisited

From: Charmane K. Corcoran <corcora1@msu.edu>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:03:26 -0500
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After our discussion last week, I am not so concerned about 
eliminating the phrase. I was concerned about the international 
component and the placement of the phrase in the Scope section.

In my other email, I advocate changing the wording in that section in 
a different way that Blossom has suggested but we agree in that, in 
that location, the wording needs to change. See #6 and #9 in my list. 
#9 some words around digital divide needs to change to lessen the 
problem. With those changes, I would be satisfied.

I am not sure how I feel about replacing "digital divide" with 
"barriers" in every instance.  It is an option but, if we did that, 
we would run into the overuse problem that I was beginning to feel 
with the "digital divide" phrase.  I am also not sure, because of 
common usage, that "digital divide" and barriers are equal but 
barriers work in the sentences. By that I mean it makes logical 
sence.  The question is, does using barriers eliminate part of the 
meaning that is in "digital divide" that is not in barriers?


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>Hello, all -
>I think "digital divide" could be deleted from Social Factors and that the
>document would be more accurate without the phrase. It's only mentioned four
>1. Barriers to Web Use subheading, third paragraph - "These socioeconomic
>factors that limit use of information and communications technologies, such
>as the Web, are often referred to as the 'digital divide.'"
>This sentence can be deleted. It simply describes "digital divide," and the
>paragraph would be clearer without it.
>2. Barriers to Web Use subheading, fourth paragraph - "Many people with
>disabilities are impacted by several aspects of the digital divide related
>to Web use."
>Change "the digital divide" to "barriers," so the sentence reads "Many
>people with disabilities are impacted by several aspects of barriers related
>to Web use."
>3. Scope subheading, second paragraph (in brackets) - "In addition, since
>the benefits of accessible design also extend to other groups affected by
>the digital divide and other limiting situations...."
>Use "barriers to Web use" instead of "the digital divide": "In addition,
>since the benefits of accessible design also extend to other groups affected
>by barriers to Web use and other limiting situations...."
>4. Web Accessibility Benefits More Than People with Disabilities header,
>first paragraph - "While the main focus of Web accessibility is people with
>disabilities, accessibility also benefits people without disabilities,
>including those in groups disadvantaged by the digital divide."
>Change the digital divide" to "barriers to Web use," and rewrite sentence to
>read "While the main focus of Web accessibility is people with disabilities,
>accessibility also benefits people without disabilities, including those in
>groups disadvantaged by barriers to Web use."
>Not only do these changes avoid the digital divide cliché and inaccuracy,
>but they also use a concept (barriers to Web use) that is an important part
>of Social Factors. The language used in Social Factors says it better!
>I apologize for the last-minute email. It's been a hectic week!
>Blossom Michaeloff
>Web Research and Design
>Wells Fargo


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