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Re: How PWD use the Web- edits (keyboard access)

From: Sailesh Panchang <sailesh.panchang@deque.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:34:17 -0400
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Hello Allan,
But the doc specifically  refers to the  tab key. With screen readers too one can jump to headings, lists, tables etc using alphabet keys or number keys but that is not "tabbing through the doc". That's why I made the suggestion.
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  From: Alan Chuter 
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  Subject: Re: How PWD use the Web- edits (keyboard access)

  > - As I know, whether one is using  AT or not, one can only tab through 
  > anchors (hyperlinks) and form controls  on a page and not to headers, 
  > list items, or other structural items .

  Opera allows the user to do what Internet Explorer does with the Tab key 
  (with the A and Q keys) but also through section headings using the S and W 
  keys. Whether readers of the document will know this is another matter.

  best regards,

  Alan Chuter
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