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Re: WAI-Glossary

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:08:50 +1000
To: H.Snetselaar@bartimeus.nl
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A few comments:

1. In addition to language differences (translations) we also need to
account for 'cultural' differences. E.g. in Australia we tend to refer to
"described video" (or video description) rather than Audio Description.

2. Why aren't we including all the WCAG/ATAG/UAAG glossary terms - these
are the terms folk will come across as they read the Recs. As glossaries to
Recs, these are already official W3C glossaries. If there are different
definitions in different glossaries, then we should acknowledge this and
provide the current and definitive one. In this way, WCAG 2.0 (and other
new Recs) can just point to the "official" WAI glossary which can grow as

3. If the purpose is, as Henk said "to explain words used in WAI documents
that might be difficult to understand by readers of several countries and
backgrounds", then this isn't a WAI Glossary per-se, but rather an
"Introduction" to (common) WAI terms/words.

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Dear all,

WAI-EO is planning to have a 'WAI-Glossary' to explain words used in
WAI documents that might be difficult to understand by readers of
several countries and backgrounds.

The list below is a first proposal of the entries from the W3C-glossay
that WAI-EO could take in consideration for such a 'WAI-glossary', done
by Braillenet and Accessibility.

Comments are welcome.


Access Key (s) [HFES]
Accessibility [ATAG10]
Acronym [WCAG10] [WCAG20].
Aging-Related Conditions [PWD-Use-Web]
Alternative Equivalents for Content [UAAG10]
Alternative Keyboards or Switches [PWD-Use-Web]
Applet [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Assistive Technology
Attribute [UAAG10]
Audio Descriptions [WCAG20]
Audio-only presentation [UAAG10]
Braille and Refreshable Braille [PWD-Use-Web]
Captions [ATAG10]
Cascading Style Sheet (s) [High-Tech]
Color Blindness [PWD-Use-Web]
Data Tables [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Deprecated [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Device Independent [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Element [XML10] [XHTML10]
Event Handlers [WCAG20]
Image Map [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Interoperability [RFC1983]
Keyboard Equivalents [HFES]
Markup Language [ATAG10]
Multi-modal Namespace [CC-PP]
Natural Language [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Physical Disabilities [PWD-Use-Web]
Rich Media
Screen Magnifier [PWD-Use-Web]
Screen Reader [WCAG10] [WCAG20]
Seizure Disorders [PWD-Use-Web]
Speech Synthesis
Tagged PDF
Text Browsers
Text Transcript
Transform Gracefully
User Agent
User interface
Voice Browser Web Browsers (for Non-Visual Output)
Authoring Tool [ATAG10-TECHS] [ATAG-Wombat]

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