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Comments on: business case status as of 2 April 2004 & review notes

From: Sailesh Panchang <sailesh.panchang@deque.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 13:35:22 -0400
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A. Social Factors page

Following wording seems odd : 
- enhanced reputation to potential customers...
- Corporate social responsibility (CSR), also called corporate citizenship and other terms ...

B. Financial Factors:
1. Too long and winding: 
"This page provides questions to help focus how financial factors are covered in the business case for a specific organization, and examples of how financial factors can be addressed in a customized case for Web accessibility."
2. I suggest a replacement for 
"The following points can help determine how financial factors are covered in a specific organization's business case for Web accessibility:"
SP: Answers to the following questions might helpidentify the impact of Web accessibility   on the org.'s financial costs and benefits.
(This suggestion applies to other pages as well) 
3. Questions (e.g. for Financial factors page):
Can the org.'s website  be made to increasingly influence its revenues and  the manner in which it conducts its operations?
- What is the present state of Web accessibility? 
- Can the org.'s accessibilitty initiative be made to dovetail with the org.'s wider usability initiative?
- Does the legal risk of operating an inaccessible website have a financial impact ?

I strongly feel listing questions in abulleted form helps to focus  better. The material following the questions can be moved to an introductory / background  part. 
C. Legal Factors page
Questions re-phrased as under  to avoid explanation:
- Is the organization required by law or other mandate to make its Website accessible?
- Does the organization have a formal   Web accessibility policy?
- What are the  risks  of not  having an accessible website?
2. Repetition:  Last question again says easier to  build accessibility from start... This is said in other pages too.
The document should  be as concise as possible and should make a point at the appropriate place and go on. It should not depend on repetition to get the point across. 

D. Technical Factors
1. Replacement text suggested for  para starting with 
"The technical performance benefits related to Web accessibility vary according to the type of organization and type of Web site."

SP:  Web accessibility solutions  often result in improved technical performance; its impact differs from organization to organization and by the nature and size of the website.     Serverload is critical  for an organization that depends heavily on its extensive website for its business but may not be critical for a not for profit organization with just a few pages of Web content which it hosts through a service provider. Efficiency of Web content maintenance might be  important for a news organization whose content changes several times a day. Enabling content on different configurations might be important to another enterprise. 

Editorial: (only one so please pardon its inclusion here)
1. This word needs to be corrected in many places throughout the suite: organziations
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