Business case: comments

Some suggestions/considerations for the business case suite:

Economic factors page: []

1) Economic benefits, para 2: "In order to assess audience growth ..." [We 
discussed this point on the conference call.]
I think this is important information, but inappropriately located. It 
breaks the flow of good news.  Maybe we need a section (or accompanying 
page) that provides "considerations for measuring benefits" or "how the 
hell can you prove these outrageous claims of benefit?"  Actually those two 
paragraphs - (public relations, etc.) should not be at the forefront of 
this section in any case.

2) Audience Expansion: I would move the third grouping ("Improving the 
access...") to the top of the section - following the header.  That 
explains the thesis, while the other two sections support it.  [We also 
discussed this point on the conference call.]

Technical Factors page: []

3) Reduce Site Maintenance - Use W3C technologies :
Originally we also intended to imply that (most) W3C technologies were 
routinely vetted for accessibility concerns (by PFWG for example), while we 
could not make a similar claim for non-W3C "standards".  This may be less 
true now (of non-W3C standards).  I don't know if it would be useful (or 
politic) to restate this claim in some manner

Chuck Letourneauf

Starling Access Services
"Access A World Of Possibility"

Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 13:30:18 UTC