Re: Fwd: [Moderator Action] A Dyslexic Perspective on e-Content Accessibility

At 12:44 AM 3/28/2003 -0500, Judy Brewer wrote:
>blocked by a filter

Our minds use filters of prejudice to block certain concepts central to our 
efforts and a very significant emphasis shortfall is that most of our 
efforts (ATAG excepted) are about accessing a Web from the point of view of 
the user as audience rather than the probably more important empowering 
factor, the user as author.

We must attend diligently to the fact that this is a Web of co-equals and 
not a broadcast top-down medium. There is a tacit slighting of our 
friends/colleagues/clients in an unstated assumption that accessibility is 
about being able to surf and buy stuff and learn from what's already out 
there - put there by we superior beings who know how to FTP materials into 

Everybody on the planet is entitled through their humanity to a place on 
the Web and I hope it's part of our job description to assure that this 


It's Bad Luck to be Superstitious! 

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