Re: Character/Title of "root" documents?

I am a little confused about the comments on this topic.  Maybe I am
misunderstanding the comments or our role so feel free correct me if that
is the case.

I thought that "Building a Case..." was not us (WAI) building a case but us
giving people in organizations information on building their case for
making changes within their organization.  That is a totally different

If a person is making a case for organizational change and wants a buy-in
from executives and turf-holders, directive speech often dive-bombs the
attempt.  Further, the conciliatory sounding speech is also necessary
because not all organizations will necessarily get the same results based
on their starting point etc.

With the Building a Case text, I envision us as coming-along-side a web
accessibility promotor and giving them useful tools to aid them in creating
their presentation/case for change.  WAI is partnering with them. I
wouldn't use directive language in that case either.

As for laws, they are not universal or consistent from governmental to the
next.  We would be hard pressed to hold that line.


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