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Yep, that's about right.

They Recommend meeting WAI Guidelines, and advise people to strive for
compliance with Priority 2 and 3 checkpoints. In particular they use
Must/Should/May with respect to meeting the different priorities, so the
Recommendation is that sites Must meet level A. They give a checklist, which
is just the Priority 1 checkpoints from the WCAG, pointing to the Swedish
translation, and as far as testing goes they offer links to Bobby, the Wave
(dead link)  and A-Prompt, plus a link to the EO document "evaluating
websites for accessibility" (in english).

In the adivce section they provide the rest of the checkpoints, and repeat
the advice to strive for compliance to all levels "for sites that are
popular"  (my free translation).

There are various other relevant recommendations/advice - for examle plain
language is a requirement (they link to a test at which might be
useful if you want to write clear swedish), as is using correct HTML/CSS,
among a large list.

Their page on Deisgn for all is

For some reason they reject connections from Lynx, despite it being
essentially a plain-text site of the kind lynx handles well. So they provide
a link to's "upgrade your browser" page, also in english.



(non-member of this group - I hope this post from an outsider is considered
sufficiently useful and on-topic to justify 'butting in').

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Alan Chuter wrote:

>This is apparently not new, but it's not included in the policy document.
>I can't read it because it's  in Swedish, but this is what I believe it's
>"At the beginning of June 2002, theAgency for Public Management
>(Statskontoret) presented a set of guidelines for the design of public web
>sites, including the application of the WAI Guidelines, in a document
>entitled " 24-timmarswebben" (24 hour Web sites)."
>Alan Chuter

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