The milkmaid, her cow and pat

Steffie, moo and splat. A story about developing mouse skills and 
beyond. You don't need English, or reading skills.

Now visit:

you'll need patience, a flash player, javascript, sound and 
inclination, whilst a mac is sometimes useful, in these circumstances 
its unfortunately not appropriate.

stamp around at splat, rather than in it.
place a piece of paper over the top half of the screen to better 
experience moo.
Steffie is thinking of travelling, but is not quite ready yet.

You're now in a position to appreciate that an accessible introduction 
to computer use is a realistic possibility.
Please don't let anyone tell you that a text version is sufficient.


ps: The GL unlike some other lists is not actively responding to 'OT' 
messages. This is worrying as it may be getting bogged down in 
techniqualia and missing out on a bigger picture.

Received on Sunday, 25 May 2003 01:14:50 UTC