Fwd: XML Conference Needs WAI Presentation

>Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 09:52:48 -0400
>From: Marion Elledge <melledge5@comcast.net>
>XML 2003 Call for Presentations, Tutorials, Exhibits, and Sponsors
>December 7-12, 2003
>Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
>"Now We're Cooking" is the XML Conference theme for this year. XML is now used
>in many different ways and in many different applications. Leading (best)
>practices are starting to emerge, and recipes for success are starting to be
>reliable and reproducible. The Conference this year is dedicated to telling
>people what they need to know to get their XML-based systems working.
>This is where you come in. We are looking for top-quality tutorials and talks
>that help attendees understand what the leading practices are, how to use 
>what to watch out for, and how to solve problems that show up. They also want
>to know which new technologies are coming down the pipeline. The attendees at
>XML 2003 want to hear first hand from the experts which products will solve
>their problems and which methodologies will meet their needs.
>We already have some excellent keynote speakers confirmed: Adam Bosworth 
>Jon Udell (InfoWorld), and Shantanu Narayen (Adobe) and expect to confirm
>others shortly.
>Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested in 
>or exhibiting at XML 2003.
>Conference Topic Areas
>Speaking sessions:  Suggested topic areas are Case Studies, Core Technologies,
>Integration, B2B, Vertical Industries, Government, Graphics and Multimedia,
>Knowledge Management, Publishing, Storing XML, Web Services, Wireless. Other
>ideas are welcome. For descriptions of these areas, please see
>Talks can be introductory or advanced, geared to implementers or executives.
>We are not looking for extremely technical developer content or introductory
>talks about what XML is (although introductory tutorials are welcomed). All
>Conference submissions with a June 2nd deadline will be blind reviewed by a
>panel of 80 experts. They grade the abstract for interest and look for 
>that the speaker knows the subject and can explain it.
>Product presentations: We have renamed the Vendor Presentation track to 
>Presentation, since open source and products produced by non-vendors are also
>welcome. Products that are new, standards-based and interoperable with other
>products will be given preference.
>Town Hall Meetings:  Held throughout the conference, these interactive forums
>are designed to allow all attendees to join open-mike town-hall forums. 
>This is
>a great way to ask questions, listen to suggestions, soak up praise, endure
>abuse, hold straw polls, or go into more detail on particular issues not
>possible during other presentations.
>All interested parties are invited to submit proposals.  Presentations will be
>chosen to fit 45-minute time blocks (usually 40 minutes for presentation and 5
>minutes for questions). A version of the paper must also be written in XML for
>publication in the Proceedings (with the exception of product demonstrations).
>We expect XML authoring tool vendors to make XML authoring software available.
>Further instructions will follow upon acceptance of a presentation. Electronic
>conference proceedings will be produced and made available on the Website and
>All selected speakers will receive a free registration for the conference
>(December 9-12), provided their paper, tagged in XML, is received by the
>October 15, 2002 deadline.  In addition, all submitters of complete abstracts
>not chosen for the conference will automatically receive a discount of 
>$100 off
>the conference registration.
>Submissions must be made online by June 2, 2003 at 
>Call for Tutorials
>IDEAlliance is seeking highly qualified instructors to lead tutorials, which
>will be selected based on merits of the topic and instructor.  Tutorials will
>be one-half or full-day workshops.  Please be sure to indicate any special
>requirements and the length of your tutorial on the submission form. A 
>handout for the tutorial will be required.
>Selected instructors will receive a free Gold Pass registration (December
>7-12), provided their tutorial handout is received by the November 10, 2003
>deadline.  In addition, all submitters of complete abstracts not chosen 
>for the
>conference will automatically receive a discount of $100 off the conference
>registration amount.  Registration instructions will be forwarded.
>Submissions must be made online by June 2, 2003 at 
>Please note: Marketing/promotional presentations will not be considered for
>tutorials or presentations. Material must reflect information as described in
>the acceptance abstract and must be original work of professional quality.
>Selected authors will be notified and guideline materials will follow.

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