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Hello Harvey,
Thanks for the reminder. As of now, India does not have anything like a
policy   on Web accessibility. This was confirmed  by a few leaders in the
IT field in India too. Unfortunately  it does not seem to be on anyone's
agenda. They all say that India  has other priorities and a lot of pressing
issues like improving literacy levels, providing drinking water and removal
of poverty etc. I reasoned that ensuring Web accessibility will facilitate
access to education and    to work even if physical accessibility is
limited. So it will help raies  literacy levels and reduce poverty levels.
But  rights of people with disabilities is not high on anyone's priority and
it does not get consistent support from the government  by way of political
will as well as funding.
Assistive technology (especially computer access technology) is virtually
unknown in India . A policy for funding AT is also absent.
Sailesh Panchang
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Deque Systems Inc,
Fairfax VA 22033
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> Reminder: Several e-mails to the eo list identify policies that haven't
> made it to the Policy page yet.
> I had sent to eo what I learned about several countries:
> 1. India policies on web accessibility (2/14/2003f rom Sailesh Panchang)
> 2. Hong Kong Digital 21 Policy (2/16/2003 from Yammie)
> Natasha had sent policies:
> 3. FW: Internet Accessibility in Poland (2/24/2003)
> 4. Russian accessibility laws (2/14/2003)
> We may have failed to get these on the wai-eo-editors list, so they
> were never recorded.

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