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WAI: Comments on Docs & Regrets

From: Charmane K. Corcoran <corcora1@pilot.msu.edu>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 00:57:57 -0400
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To: EOWG <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>

Greetings, All

I have been called away to a meeting and will not be able to participate in
tomorrow's session.  Since I am operating remotely and am not able to
access my WAI email folder, I will not be able to recall if someone has
already brought the following points for discussion or not.  My apologies
if there is duplication.



***A. WAI Gallery DRAFT:

1) Should we mention Level AA in the first paragraph, too.  That would
specify the minimal Level of compliance for the Gallery at the onset.

Under "Review Process"
1) The following phrase is uncomfortable to me: "the home page and the four
sub-pages linked from the Gallery" phrase.  The sentence that is in is
covering two separate items.  My suggestion for clarity.

"Each Web site included in the WAI Gallery has been reviewed by two or more
experienced individuals or review teams using a modified conformance
evaluation on selected pages.  The selected pages will be linked from the
WAI Gallery and will include the home page and four sub-pages. The entire
Web site has not been reviewed."

***B. From the Gallery Change Log
1) I do not see in the Gallery document one of the items on the 9/6 change
log.  Am I just missing this somehow???  9/6 Change log under Miscellaneous
- "while making clear that we cannot promise to review them all."

IF it should be in there, I suggest stating it in the positive:
"All submissions not reviewed in a given cycle will be retained for
possible future review."

***C. Review Teams for Evaluating Web Site Accessibility

Under "Introduction":

1) " of teams of reviewers" can we make this "review teams"?

2) The following is a bit confusing:  "The combination of perspectives
afforded by a team rather than individual approach to Web site evaluation
can improve the quality of evaluation. It  provides links to ..."

May I suggest something like:
"Teams generally provide a broader spectrum of perspectives and thus
improved evaluation quality when approaching Web site evaluation than is
afforded by an single individual's evaluation.  This page also provides...

3) This concept is reiterated in the first line under "Composition of
Review Teams".  I don't recall, was that intentional?

4) The last line of the first paragraph: "However, it is less likely that
one individual will have all the training and experience that a team
approach can bring." is sort of negative.  How about saying it more in the
positive mode"

"It is rare to find one individual who has all of the training and
experience that a team approach  might provide."

Under "Nominate Web sites for WAI Gallery
1) "Review teams ..... may nominate Web sites for the WAI Gallery" seems to
imply that this is the only way to get a site nominated.  No such text
exists in the WAI Gallery document.  We probably should either change this
notation or change the WAI Gallery information.

2) Given #1, "with the composition and training described in this document,
that evaluate Web sites using the conformance assessment method described
in Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility"
  Is this the only type of review tram that can nominate a website? i.e. is
it a requirement on the review team in order to be qualified to submit

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