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RE: Gallery - Use "accessible design" vs. "design"

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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 07:46:16 -0700
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I agree with Charmane's point about using accessible and design together.

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Subject: WAI: Gallery - Use "accessible design" vs. "design"

Suggestion for Gallery:

In this discussion, we are often saying that we are pointing to a site as a 
"design example". To most people that are not accessibility-sensitive and 
more particularly in my profession, design has to do with image and layout.

"Accessibility Design" has to do with coding and, to some extent, the layout

more than the the images and the layout. 

I would like to suggest that where we are using the word "design" in this 
document that we be consistent about saying "accessible design" or 
"accessibility design" to specify that we include the concept of the coding 
necessary for accessibility in the design.


"notice that W3C does not endorse the organization, only provides this as a 
design example"

Would read:

"notice that W3C does not endorse the organization, only provides this as an

accessible design example"

This seems like an important clarification for us to make.

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