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Re: Update of Policy Document

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 22:25:25 +1000
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Great start - thanks for taking this on. A little while ago we did discuss
the possibility of including industry (or peak-body) policies such the
Australian Bankers Association policy. We have also collected a wide range
of policies from Australian Universities. I'd almost ike to see all of this
stuff listed somewhere as it may encourage the organisations who are
missing from the list to "lift their game" with respect to public
accessibility policies.

Judy - We have actually begun updating the Australian section here and have
collected material from most States now. How do you want to handle updates,
if not straight to Alan? We can provide "cut and paste" HTML for Australia.

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Thanks for getting this going.

Before commenting on the questions here though I'd like to ask for some
discussion and coordination; for instance, incorporating the backlog of
change requests that have already come in before asking for that same
information again from various contacts in the public; also, making sure
that the change requests come in to a w3c address so that they can be
archived & not lost if an individual contact name changes over time.

Also some of the background that you ask for, e.g. on EU process, we
already have; just needs to be coordinated to get it in.

Let's make sure to get this some time on an EOWG meeting agenda soon.

- Judy

At 10:16 AM 8/16/2002 +0200, Alan Chuter wrote:

>I've begun working on the policy document.
>I've posted the updated document and a changelog
>The US page isn't there as I haven't done anything to it yet.
>Before moving ahead further I think it would be useful to consider the
>scope of this document. Does it cover only legislation or is it more
>general? Policy is a wide-ranging title. At present the entries range
>from national legislation to reports (one of the documents in the EU
>section is the results of a survey).
>I would appreciate hearing from people in individual countries who are
>prepared to alert me to changes in the situation in their respective
>countries. This is especially important for the US and countries outside
>North America and the EU.
>I have listed the members of the European Union and included a summary
>of the EU legislative process. My thinking is that the Euro Parliament
>and Council, at the request of the Commission, pass legislation which is
>then implemented by individual countries. It would be interesting to
>trace the progress from the Commission's initial communication, through
>the Council and Parliament, to individual state legislatures. I would
>like to show how all the countries move forward together. So far I've
>found it difficult to trace back.
>Perhaps the EU countries should have a separate page, like the US states.
>I would appreciate any comments about any changes to the scope or
>organization of this document before getting to far ahead.
>Alan Chuter
>Fundosa Teleservicios (ONCE Foundation), Madrid, Spain
>ONCE (Spanish National Organisation of the Blind)

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