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From: Sarah Horton <Sarah.Horton@Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: 13 Aug 2002 10:37:05 EDT
Message-id: <42179302@dancer.Dartmouth.EDU>
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I thought this conference might be of interest to some of you. Please forward the announcement to anyone you think might want to attend. 

Best regards,

Academic Computing at Dartmouth College is pleased to offer the following Web design conference as part of the October Conferences at Dartmouth:

Built Environments on the Web: Structure, Access, Wayfinding, and Delight
Wednesday, October 30, 2002
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College
$60 (includes lunch); parking on your own - approximately $10

Anyone who has participated in building planning in the "real" world knows that a great deal of time and attention is given to identifying and planning in features that optimize the accessibility and usability of the built environment. Web building, on the other hand, is generally approached in a haphazard fashion, and consequently, Web structures often resemble the Weasley's Burrow from Harry Potter -- an assemblage of pages of shaky structural integrity that is not enterable by some, is difficult to get around in, and is a bit of an eyesore. Because of a lack of forethought and attention, many "virtual" environments are not universally experienced as accessible and usable.

For this conference, Web design experts Lou Rosenfeld, Sarah Horton, Steve Krug, and Patrick Lynch will focus on four of the main constructs to building well on the Web. In Structure, Lou will focus on the integrity that underlies the best Web structures. In Access, Sarah will discuss the elements that enable universal access to Web spaces. In Wayfinding, Steve will talk about ways to assist people with spatial problem solving on the Web. And in Delight, Patrick will talk about the aesthetic of Web spaces that make them a pleasure to move around in.

People who are involved in Web development on any level -- from writing code to hiring consultants to approving designs -- will find great value in this Web design conference.

Lou Rosenfeld, information architecture consultant, is co-author (with Peter Morville) of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. Sarah Horton, Dartmouth College, is co-author (with Patrick Lynch) of Web Style Guide and author of Web Teaching Guide, and an advocate for Web accessibility. Steve Krug is a usability consultant and author of the best-selling book on Web usability, Don't Make Me Think. In addition to co-authoring Web Style Guide, Patrick Lynch is a noted illustrator and directs the Web design team at the Yale School of Medicine.

For information, directions, and to register, visit the October Conferences Web site:


If you have a question about registration, call 603 650-1661 or email richard.a.tucker@dartmouth.edu. 

The cost is $60 (includes lunch); parking on your own -- approximately $10. Please register early to avoid disappointment as registration is limited.

Also consider attending the second of the October Conferences offered the following day by Dartmouth's Biomedical Libraries entitled The Web: Super Searching; Super Teaching.
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