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From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@uiaccess.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:23:56 -0500
To: "EOWG \(E-mail\)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
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At Usability Professionals' Association conference in July I presented
"Understanding and Evaluating Accessibility: Improving Usability for
More People in More Situations", a full-day tutorial/workshop
p), and a presentation titled "Another -ability: Accessibility Primer
for Usability Specialists". I attended the 4 other web accessibility
presentations (listed at

OBSERVATION: While accessibility issues are still not getting addressed
early in most projects, there is an increase in interest among usability
practioners in how to conduct usability testing with participants with


At "Designing for Usability, Flexibility & Accessibility" course
(http://trace.wisc.edu/dufa/index.htm) at Trace R&D Center in July we
spent a little over an hour demonstrating web accessibility issues in an
experience session and "lecturing" during plenary time.


The web application accessibility workshops that I sent to the list a
few weeks ago have all been cancelled due to lack of registration.
(details at http://www.uiaccess.com/iir2002.html) I am very curious WHY?
poor marketing? too costly (especially compared the free and inexpensive
online web access training that is available)? bad timing?


The program for "Web Design that Works for Everyone " conference on
18-19 October at Rhode Island School of Design is now available at
http://www.adaptenv.org/webconference/index.php. Judy is on for
"International Perspective" on Friday, and I'm doing "Section 508 and
Beyond: Web Accessibility for More People, More Situations"
(http://www.adaptenv.org/webconference/saturday.php#508), a one-day
workshop on Saturday. {It HAD to have 508 in the title - that was not my
choice - I added the "and beyond" parts!)


All for now.

- Shawn

Shawn Lawton Henry
e-mail: Shawn@UIAccess.com
phone: 608.243.1089
about: www.uiaccess.com/profile.html 
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