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Re: EOWG: Agenda, Friday July 12, 2002

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:44:58 +1000
To: jbrewer@w3.org, w3c-wai-eo@w3.org
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Regrets for this evening's meeting - I have a prior engagement, but may
join you later.

WRT agenda:
I support the proposed paragraph below for "evaluating" document.
Our staff have raised a concern about the "evaluating" document -
Conformance 2.1 suggests that at least one validation tool should be run
across the entire site, however none of those that we mention are capable
of doing this automatically. I don't have a solution, but we should not
tell people to do things they can't with our suggested approach/tools.


Dr Andrew Arch
Manager, Internet Product Development
Vision Australia Foundation
Ph 613 9864 9222; Fax 613 9864 9210
Mobile 0438 755 565

Member, Education & Outreach Working Group,
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

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EOWG: Agenda, Friday July 12, 2002

Time:   8:30am - 10:30am US Eastern Daylight Time
         "Zakim" +1 617 761 6200
         Conference Code EOWG (3694) then press #


1. Outreach Updates
         Briefly. Send to list in advance if possible.

2. Developing Organizational Policies on Web Accessibility
         (Re-reviewed it to ensure tone & content consistent with rest of
         Review clarification of reference to conformance evaluation
         Proposed change to replace more of the "consider setting..."

3. Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility
         Review remaining changes:
         Addition of note about evolving versions, and product disclaimer,
at the front
         Mention of intended copyedits
         Check some dropped changes from previous version
         Unaddressed: caution on false positives/false negatives with eval
         Proposed clean-up (see paragraph below) of page selection section,

for consistency
         Latest document (but without copyedits) is now available at:

3. Selecting and Using Software for Accessibility
         Brief update from Wednesday's discussion

4. Re-check agenda planning for Toronto face-to-face:
         (does not yet incorporate changes from Wednesday's meeting)

- Judy

Proposed substitute paragraph for section 1 of conformance evaluation:

1. Identify the scope of the Web site to be evaluated and the targeted
conformance level for the evaluation.
          1. Identify the target conformance level of WCAG 1.0.
          2. Identify a page selection, for manual and user testing, which
includes at least one of each different type of page on the site, and all
pages on which people are more likely to enter your site. Page selection
for dynamically generated Web content is addressed separately below.
          3. Identify the entire Web site, including all pages at a base
URL, for automatic and semi-automatic evaluation. NOTE: If testing of the
entire site is not feasible (e.g. because of its unusually large size or
dynamic page generation) identify an expanded page selection, to be
disclosed publicly along with any public conformance claim. Suggested
inclusions in this expanded page selection: pages from different sections
of the Web site; pages representing a different "look & feel"; pages
representing different development tools and processes, including those
generated from databases; pages produced under different guidelines;
"contact" pages; pages critical to business operations; etc. If any area of

a Web site is excluded from evaluation, disclose this information along
with any conformance claim regarding the site.

Judy Brewer    +1.617.258.9741    http://www.w3.org/WAI
Director, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), World Wide Web Consortium
MIT/LCS Room NE43-355, 200 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA,  02139,  USA
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