Re: Bobby : Validation Tool Bug

Try pagevalet or sitevalet -

listsed in the W3C list of tools at



On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, grace de la Flor wrote:

  after converting some HTML files into XHTML - i tested the pages in
  Bobby and they failed. yesterday i emailed and asked about

  here is their response:

  "Thank you for your comments. We hope to accommodate XHTML better in a
  future version. Part of the problem is finding a suitable parser. "

  Bobby Technical Support, CAST, Inc.

  How can CAST claim that their validation tool is W3C compliant and not
  support the new mark-up standards?

  Can developers be asked to be W3C compliant when the testing tools are

  Does anybody know of a validation tool that parses XHTML?

  Solid validiation tools need to be developed and made available for the
  general public.

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