Outreach Update: Digital Talking Book Standard Posted on NISO Website

Outreach Update: I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on the development 
of the
XML application to tag the structure and text of books to accompany 
narrations, to allow navigation of the text, search of the text content, 
and locate its
place in the narrations, through synchronizing the SMIL files containing 
the text with
the xml file(s) of the tagged book. I distributed the first draft of a 
possible XML
application to tag digital talking books on 1998-10-08, after an earlier 
on 1998-08-12 to adapt the docbook3.dtd, reducing its 327 element types to 

The current dtbook110.dtd has evolved  to contain 79 element types, taking 
47 from HTML strict (and XHTML strict, using its lowercase element type 
names) DTDs but omitting 30. It has 32 unique element types explicitly for 
describing book content and structure. It is contained as a normative 
reference in Appendix 1 to the Z39.86 standard noted below.

Regards/Harvey Bingham

----------- Michael M. Moodie writes: --------
Hi All --

NISO has posted the Z39.86-2002 DTB standard on their website, in HTML
and PDF formats.  It is also available for purchase in print form for
$99 (although the print version won't be available for several weeks).
  It is listed as the last standard in NISO's chronological list of
approved and published standards at www.niso.org/standards/index.html.
Currently, there is no capability to list HTML versions, since ours is
the first offered by NISO in that format, so click on the "Z39.86
Resources" link on that page to access the HTML.  They will be adding
a properly-labeled link for the HTML version shortly.

The direct urls for the two formats are:


As the Maintenance Agency for Z39.86 (responsible for coordinating
updates and corrections to the standard), the National Library Service
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), Library of Congress will
host supplementary information about the standard and its use on its
website at www.loc.gov/nls/z3986.  (The old url www.loc.gov/nls/niso
will also work.)  Current versions of all the DTDs contained in the
standard, background on their development, and a number of documents
created during development of the standard are posted there.

Kind Regards,


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