IE hover jump fix & keyboard highlight

EOWG folks -

I got the jump to stop in IE by making "suitenav1" a paragaph (because
"clear" applies to block-level elements - see and

yellow highlight with keyboard Tab:
I got the highlight to work in IE by adding a:active. However, I couldn't
get the highlight with keyboard to work in (old version of) Opera. Not sure

leaving the underline:
The current version also removed the underline with the highlight
(text-decoration: none). I would like to suggest that we don't do that -
because underline is the most common affordance for clickable so we
shouldn't remove it when the item is still clickable. (I did remove it in
the HTML version attached.)

The changes I made are preceeded in the HTML (attched or below depending on
your e-mail progragm) by a comment with "SLH" and listed below:

added --	[.xyz] a:active

removed --	text-decoration: none

changed --	<DIV class="suitenav1"> [and </div>]
	to --	<p class="suitenav1"> [and </p>]

We'll want to make sure these changes don't mess up anything else.


- Shawn

Shawn Lawton Henry
phone: 608.243.1089

Received on Friday, 22 February 2002 12:03:09 UTC