Re: Selecting & Using Software for Web Accessibility

At 09:39 AM 2/11/2002 -0500, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>it is already a useful document covering an important topic

This particular cup is WAY more than half full. Part of the process should 
be to reveal it forcefully to all Consortium Member reps.

Companies/institutions like the ones they work for are most of whom we seek 
to inform. Their feedback is vital to the growth of this document which IMO 
is the most important thing we've done at WAI. How can we help them help us 
"sell" this message?

The guidelines serve well and the ATAG (and possibly even more so XAG) is 
what will serve our friends/clients best in the immediate future.

Not to be just a "one-trick pony" I would like to emphasize the importance 
of getting our audience to serve as our voice in the wider community and 
begin demanding conformance with our principles by pressuring vendors to 
create and perhaps more importantly aggressively market systems using 
universal design accessible/usable notions.

To do this we may need yet another template: a sort of form-letter/petition 
that says that as customers of your Web/networding tools products we NEED 
for said products to conform to these principles. This is not only right, 
it is in many instances all over the world required by law. When can we 
expect to have a tool that enables use by PWD and creates accessible/usable 


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