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Fwd: Selecting Software

From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 00:42:34 -0400
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[I am re-sending Sarah's message to the list since there seems to have been 
a problem with archiving -- Judy]

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>Hello, all! I have a new version of Selecting and Using Authoring Tools 
>for Web Accessibility. I have not made many changes since we last talked. 
>I cut down the intro a bit and moved the inline links to ATAG and WCAG.
>For my own enjoyment I made a version with the links removed altogether:
>I still feel that we could remove the references to ATAG in the context of 
>discussing workarounds, but I promise I won't mention it again.
>If you follow the links below to the changelog you will see the specific 
>entries that I still have questions about:
> >From Change Requests from 11 Feb 2002
>1 Is this item a "not"? Hard to tell from the changelog.
>2 I added A-Prompt to strategy 2 but wasn't sure how to add it to strategy 1.
>3 This item does not seem related to selecting software or even strategies 
>for working around software limitations. It's more of an accessible Web 
>page authoring strategy.
>4 and 5 Unclear from changelog what to do about language issues.
> >From Change Requests from 13 Feb 2002
>1 I was uncertain where this item belongs. Is this a vendor question? Is 
>this something you ask webmasters when considering authoring tool selection?
>2 I do not know what this means.
>I hope we can wrap up these last entries tomorrow during our meeting and 
>then pronounce this document done!
>Until tomorrow,
>Sarah </blockquote></x-html>

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