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RE: Selecting Software: FYI DreamWeaver MX Accessibility Features

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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:09:49 -0700
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We have evaluated Flash in regard to its features and looked
at some disability features.  I will look at them this weekend.
Doyle Saylor
Wells Fargo
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Subject: Selecting Software: FYI DreamWeaver MX Accessibility Features
Has anyone checked out DreamWeaver MX yet? 
It prompts the developer to enter accessible coding for web page components.
We are in process of upgrading our office software to DW-MX Studio which
includes the more-accessible version of Flash etc. It has a lot of other
great features, including more-accessible Cold Fusion and components from
the earlier version of DreamWeaver Ultra Dev. 
If you haven't looked at the specs yet, may be worth your time. 
Please see http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/accessibility/mx/dw/ 

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Hello, all! I have a new version of Selecting and Using Authoring Tools for
Web Accessibility. I have not made many changes since we last talked. I cut
down the intro a bit and moved the inline links to ATAG and WCAG. 
For my own enjoyment I made a version with the links removed altogether: 
I still feel that we could remove the references to ATAG in the context of
discussing workarounds, but I promise I won't mention it again. 
If you follow the links below to the changelog you will see the specific
entries that I still have questions about: 
>From Change Requests from 11 Feb 2002 
1 Is this item a "not"? Hard to tell from the changelog. 
2 I added A-Prompt to strategy 2 but wasn't sure how to add it to strategy
3 This item does not seem related to selecting software or even strategies
for working around software limitations. It's more of an accessible Web page
authoring strategy. 
4 and 5 Unclear from changelog what to do about language issues. 
>From Change Requests from 13 Feb 2002 
1 I was uncertain where this item belongs. Is this a vendor question? Is
this something you ask webmasters when considering authoring tool selection?

2 I do not know what this means. 
I hope we can wrap up these last entries tomorrow during our meeting and
then pronounce this document done! 
Until tomorrow, 

Have a Productive Day! 
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