EOWG: Agenda, 26 October 2001

EOWG: Agenda, 26 October 2001

         Time:   8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. US Eastern Daylight Time
         Bridge: +1 617 252 7000

         Minutes from last meeting:
         Changelog from last meeting (and since)


1. Outreach Updates

2. Face-to-face EOWG Meetings
         Discussion of two upcoming opportunities:
         - at W3C Technical Plenary, Nice, France, sometime during the week 
of 25 February to 1 March, 2002
         - following CSUN Conference, Los Angeles, California, USA, Sunday 
24 March, 2002

3. Implementation Plan
         please note that there is now an expanded page linked from the 
basic outline

         this is an interim format until either client-side or server-side 
scripting is in place
         to handle expansion-upon-demand of the basic outline
         Wendy Chisholm is working with me on a client-side solution for 
the time being.

         Questions for our discussion of the draft implementation plan today:
         a. Does the planned format with scripting sound like it makes sense?
         (I will explain some of the intended format in the meeting since 
it is not all in place yet)
         b. Does the basic outline cover what it needs to, no more than 
what it needs to, and clearly?
         c. Is the detail in the expanded outline appropriate for the 
different environments indicated?
             (would be helpful if people could read this from different 
perspectives, reading it for the corporate detail, for the educational 
institution detail, etc.)
         d. Does the tabbing through the navigation header work better?


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