Re: EOWG: Preliminary agenda, Friday 12 October 2001


At our meeting today we will discuss Natasha's draft of the corporate 
implementation plan. She has sent this to the list in HTML but for some 
reason it seems to not be available in the archives. Please note message at

Also I am re-sending her file attached to this message, and will check to 
see if it archives on the EOWG list this time.

Please note that we have discussed several versions of this (changelog 
notes available at):

including whether to do a combined version of centralized/decentralized 
implementation planning, and that we have a previous version of a 
centralized implementation plan available at:

Also, please note that we need to start checking the wai-eo-editors 
archives each week. They are at:


- Judy

At 03:49 PM 10/11/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Meeting tomorrow 12 October 2001:
>         Time:   8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. US Eastern
>         Bridge: +1 617 252 7000
>Preliminary Agenda:
>1. Outreach updates
>2. Updated corporate implementation plan
>         preliminary info
>         expecting an updated version in different format
>3. Other drafts to review(?)
>Note: Upcoming meeting dates/times are posted on EOWG home page
>including a link to Daylight Saving Time change-overs in different countries
>since there are often a few weeks at the end of October when we get out of 
>sync with each other, given that DST change-overs occur at different times 
>in different countries.
>- Judy
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