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Demographic data (Canada)

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Data for Canadian Stats is 1984!!!!

Source: http://stcwww.statcan.ca/english/sdds/3826.htm

Type of Survey:  The Survey is a Sample Survey 
The Survey is a Direct Survey 
Voluntary Survey  
Formula:  CHDS conducted as a supplement to the Labour Force 
Survey. Sample of disabled adults (15 years of age and older) 
identified by administering screening questionnaire to 5/6ths of the 
LFS sample; those so identified as disabled were followed up one 
week later with the majority of the disability questionnaire. The 
October '83 and June '84 components of the CHDS sampled 
126,698 adults, from approximately 65,800 households, and 
yielded 15,854 persons having some form of disability. The CHDS 
sampled 59,195 children (14 and under) of whom 3,382 had a long-
term health condition, used a prosthesis, or had a health-related 
activity limitation. Information on children was obtained from proxy 
interviews. As a LFS supplement, the sampling units were 
households, and the frame excludes persons living in the Yukon 
and Northwest Territories or on Indian Reserves, full-time members 
of the armed forces, and inmates of institutions. Nevertheless, the 
sample frame represents roughly 97% of the Canadian population.  

Estimation:  Data are the product of a amalgamation of the October 
'83 and June '84 iterations of the Survey, and have been weighted 
to give June '84 population estimates. Missing data due to non-
response to the follow-up interview are accounted for in the 
estimates by imputation on the basis of replies given by people of 
the same age, sex, province and nature of disability. This was only 
performed on the adults' data. No imputation was done for item non 
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