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EOWG: Business case draft

From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 08:46:19 -0400
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Forwarding a message from Jean-Marie D'Amour, about a redraft of the cost

(Jean-Marie, I'm sorry, this had come in through a different email address
than the one registered to the list, and I'd just located it in a
blocked-mail file. I've now added this address to our "master-accept" file,
so you can send from that address in the future.)

- Judy

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>From: "Jean-Marie D'Amour" <jmdamour@inlb.qc.ca>
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>Hello William and others,
>I worked on the document and integrate many things added to the change log
>- careful about placement of items. for instance, architecture (in 2nd list)
>might belong in first list also. change transfer rate cost. number of pages,
>dynamic vs. static. variations in user agent support. all could go either
>way. what about creating new list, cost or benefit categories, or other
>considerations (cost or benefits)
>separate out the implementation material from the beginning and move it to
>another part of resource suite
>consider adding some brief elaboration to each item
>- add a brief introduction to cost item list and benefit item list --
>NOTE -- now we want to collapse these
>clarification: new method of providing services will lower cost of providing
>services (for government)
>- add "liability" back in.
>- mention "investment" in intro.
>- collapse cost & benefit items into cost considerations.
>- try to reduce the number of items, for instance, group the training items
>in one category, however preserve the detail as an inline explanation.
>- mention short-term and long-term.
>- remove reference to "corporate" but clarify that it is organizational
>In the "Considerations for cost and benefit" I suggest 4 supercategories (in
>my poor english wording). I think a grouping like this will help to
>understand content.
>I wait for feedback.
>I think I'm not the good person for the brief explanation of each item, but
>i can help and comment.
>Jean-Marie D'Amour
>Camo pour personnes handicapées
>Montréal (Québec) Canada
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