SuSE Linux 7.0 suitable for partially sighted and blind people

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Excuses for double posting. SuSE made  a press release which I think
is interesting for those "attracted" to free (as in freedom, not as in
gratis) software. The URL is:
I would be interested if someone tried it out. An extract follows:
SuSE Linux 7.0 suitable for partially sighted and blind people

The first Linux-distribution which supports installation and
applications in Braille! 

Since the mid-eighties, more and more partially sighted and blind
people have been able to work on computers. This was made possible by
the invention of the Braille-device. This is an additional device
which is connected to the serial port of the PC. Via the
Braille-device, the blind person can read the information displayed on
the screen line by line and check his/her own entries. 

As part of the new version 7.0, SuSE Linux has now developed the
screen reader SuSE Blinux - a piece of software which enables
partially sighted and blind people to work with Linux comfortably.
SuSE Blinux is neither an independent distribution nor a kernel patch
but rather a so-called daemon, i.e. a program that runs in the
background. One advantage of this is that SuSE Blinux does not
compromise system security in any way. Furthermore, blind users have
unrestricted use of all applications of the new SuSE Linux version
which run on the text console. They can even compile their own kernel. 

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