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I incorporated these suggestions although the alt may seem cryptic but it 
now gives better destination clues.

At 11:24 AM 9/11/00 -0500, Jim Allan wrote:
>Looks Good William,
>I like your choice of graphics. I would add a space between the graphics and
>the text, to me it looks a little crowded. I like the additional commentary
>provided by the alt text. But, I could not tell from the alt text where the
>link would take me; when I looked at the status line, the url clued me in.
>Maybe commentary, with link destination information. On the animation with
>the arrow road sign the alt says "this way to the guidelines" but the link
>takes you to the checklist.
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>A funny thing happened on my way to the Website. I decided to put in some
>graphics because Jonathan thought it might help and others said it would
>look better. I always thought that was just short of nonsensical. So I put
>in some (supposedly appropriate) icon-like graphics and *ta-da* it not only
>looked different, it sort of looked better. Then I thought they'd probably
>be more useful if they were links. So I made them go places.
>Now the "Guideline Guide" has over 20 links. Although many of them are to
>the WCAG 1.0 and other WAI documents, several are to outside sources I've
>found useful in this area. I could use lots more - it's kind of nice to
>have resources pre-located and all in one place IMHO. I'd like some
>feedback from some on the lists who try the site at
> with the idea that it can be sort of like a
>"concordance" for WCAG.


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