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I like your approach to solving your problems, I mean going right to the core of it.

From: <Jackie_Ford@zxmail.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 01:26:06 -0500
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Hello friend, 

My name is Jackie Ford and I am writing you because 
from what I know about you I believe you are the right 
person to use this chance of your life. I like your 
approach to solving your problems, I mean going right 
to the core of it. Why not go to the hard core? What 
I have to suggest is not exactly what you expect  but 
it may greatly increase your exposure on the net and 
bring you more chances to get what you want and more 
friends. This letter is addressed mostly to females 
but men can read it to the end because there is a 
SPECIAL OFFER for them in it too. 

For females this is the chance of your life. Show 
yourself to the Net. Take part in the PORNO STAR 
INTERNET Contest where a lot of men will see you. 
Win your man and win important money. I think the 
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Men can make big money too if they support the right 
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Contest. All you have to do is visit the site at 
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girl you like and bet on the Contestant of your choice.

Eligibility & Application Voting Selection of Winners 

Eligibility & Application. 

This is an equal opportunity contest: all races and 
ages are welcome. PORNO STAR INTERNET Contest is open 
to participation by any female starting with 18 years 
of age (on the date she submits her Application to the 
Contest Administration). 

Applications to the Contest can be submitted throughout 
the year. An applicant will be requested to submit her 
photographs, her filled out Application Form, and any 
other materials about herself she deems necessary to 
provide. The profiles of the contestants will be 
displayed at the Contest Website within 2-3 days that 
cover the period necessary to verify the conformity of 
the provided material to the terms of the contest. 

Each month, based on the Website visitors' betting 
results, three contestants who have collected the 
greatest number of points will be awarded first, second 
and third prizes, and nominated to participate in the 
annual Contest Final staged in December of the same 
year. They will no longer be participating in the 
monthly voting, while their photographs and related 
materials will be displayed in the pages dedicated to 
the Contest Finalists. Register now at 

To ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all 
contestants, on the 1st of each month all the 
contestants' "hit" statistics are reset to zero. 
Access to the above information is only permitted to 
eligible contestants while they are reviewing their 
personal statistics. 

Among the Contestants who did not hit the Contest Final 
according to the number of votes, the first 50 
Contestants who have collected the greatest number 
of votes according to all of the monthly Draws results 
are also identified to participate in the Contest Final. 

Every month, the fifty-three top contestants receive 
the following prizes: First Prize: US$ 10,000.00, 
Second Prize: US$ 5,000.00, Third Prize: US$ 3,000.00 
and also 50 more prizes of visitors`preferen˝ň votes 
of $ 500 will be awarded to the Contestants who have 
been identified from 4 to 54 places according to the 
number of votes collected by the contestants. 

The Finalists' Awards: The Winner receives the Title of 
PORNO STAR INTERNET and the prize of US$ 100,000.00 
First Runner-Up receives the Title of 1-st Vice PORNO 
STAR INTERNET and the prize of US$ 50,000.00 Second 
Runner-Up receives the Title of 2-nd Vice PORNO STAR 
INTERNET and the prize of US$ 30,000.00 and also 10 
prizes of the visitors` preference votes of $1000 will 
be awarded to the Contestants who have been entitled 
from 4 to 14 places according to the number of votes 
collected by the contestants. Note: The prizes to the 
contestants will be paid within 30 calendar days 
following the formal announcement of results for each 
stage of the contest. 

The Contest monthly results are displayed at the 
Contest Website on the 5th of next month. For details 
visit us at http://www.InternetSexStar.com 


Any person, including Contestant per se, her relatives 
and friends of 18 years old and above (hereinafter, 
Sponsor), may take part in the selection of winners 
PORNO STAR INTERNET Contest by voting at every stage 
of the Contest. 

A sponsor may vote for any contestant or several 
contestants at once awarding them maximum 1000 and 
minimum 1 points per day. A Sponsor's monthly voting 
limit is 4000 points. 

The sponsors are voting at the Happy Chance Casino 
Sportsbook page where one point equals US$ 1.00. They 
receive their wins according to the Rules of the Happy 
Chance Casino Sportsbook. 
Note: Sponsors who are residents of the countries 
where wagering in virtual casinos is prohibited by 
law participate in voting at their own discretion. 
Join now at http://www.InternetSexStar.com

are the contestants who have scored the greatest 
number of points. 
will receive bonuses on their bets, as specified in 
the Rules of the Happy Chance Casino at 

Selection of Winners 

In the Finale, the Winner will be a contestant who 
has collected the greatest score of points on all 


Each contestant fills in her Application Form on 
her own, free of charge, without any preliminary or 
extra fees. The Contest Administration will send 
the Invitation to the e-mail address entered by 
the Contestant in the respective box on Front Page 
of the Contest Website. Alternatively, the 
Contestant may click on Registration in the Site 
Menu. For details visit us at 

Best of luck
Sincerely yours, 

Jackie Ford
Reseller ID # 0289


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