Re: EOWG Meeting September 8, 2000 (Outreach updates)

Hi Judy,

These are our updates:
* As a "personal" aside, from Spain, as you all might know from
the wai-ig list, a new initiative has been launched by SIDAR
imitating that of Francisco Godinho in Portugal, to campaign for
some legislative support for web accessibility in Spain.
* From GMD's standpoint, a couple of new EU projects related to
accessible e-commerce tools and mobile technology are in their
final steps to begin the actual work. I will post more about them
at the end of the month.


Judy Brewer wrote:
> 2.      Outreach updates
>         - please send outreach updates to the EOWG list in advance, if possible
> 3.      WAI Home Page (this may just be a brief update)
>         - update: we've been working on some ,tablin bug fixes
>         - will send a message to the list when it's ready for re-review

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