Re: E&O List of Upcoming Conferences


The address you had seems to be an early EO draft, with a scrambled CVS
status right now. I'll request a redirect on it. In the meantime, what you
want is at:
and it is getting an overhaul during the next few weeks.

Also, remember we're in the middle of some WAI home page updates here, so
you can check out one of the new resource directories which includes this
info (shortly to be talked about on the WAI IG list, please hold off
linking to or publicizing it till we get a few remaining bugs worked out,
but in the meantime...)


At 11:43 AM 9/6/00 -0700, Kynn Bartlett wrote:
>There used to be a list at:
>...which listed upcoming conferences.  (It was linked to from
>  This doesn't seem to be
>a valid URL anymore, and there's no redirect.  Can someone tell
>me where the current list can be found?
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