eMail Marketing - Sale - 12000+ Email Addresses

Hello: Email Marketing has proven to be cost effective means of promoting product & services for any business.

  History has shown that even Job seekers had benefitted from this.

  We have over 12,000 email addresses collected from the VSNL members web site.

In case you wish to purchase 12,000 email addresses, please send a demand draft 
   Rs. 200 ( for 12,000 email addresses ) ( or )
   Rs. 300 ( for 20,000 email addresses )

in the favour of
   "JavaCraft Internet Technologies, Chennai"

Mailing Address:
    JavaCraft Internet Technologies
    150 M.S.Koil Street,
    Chennai 600 013
    Ph. 5981075

  Please indicate YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS while sending the DD.

  As soon as we recieve your DD, we shall email you requested ( 12,000 or 20,000 ) email addresses.

  If your are interested in a software to send one email to many email addresses, please visit the following URL.
We are constantly looking for business opportunities in eCommerce.  
Java, XML, XSL, WAP, HTML are our skills that you can count on.

Other Products: ( More information @ )

  ecPay ( similar to but has more advanced features ).
    A Billing and Payment Portal developed using Java, XML, XSL, WAP etc.
    WAP   Multilanguage Support.
    Integrated with VeriSign.

  XJavaFW ( eCommerce Application Server Framework )
    A robust eCommerce Framework that uses XML.  No need to write any program.
    Knowledge of basic XML   SQL   HTML is enough to develop eCommerce Applications.
    ecPay was developed using XJavaFW
    Do you want to market your product or services to many with just a mouse click ? 
    If the answer is 'YES' then ecMailer is what you are looking for.

Your's Business Friendly.



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