RE: Call for Review: Accessibility Features of SVG (Scalable Vec tor Graphics)

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> WL: I find it extremely difficult to share the view that this is in fact
> the (or even *an*) "assumption" of the document. Please elucidate
> because this would be a fatal flaw, if true - or even suspected.
	[DJW:]  The basis for this is mainly that the worked
	example is a technical diagram and mention of animation
	is little and late.  If the worked example had been how
	to make a more accessible version of something like, preferably one that worked
	with current versions of Lynx (I guess the only way is
	with content negotiation).  (Note the frames use in this
	example is a hack, and some of the pages are best viewed
	with colours disabled!  As far as I can see, the Flash
	conveys no information.)

> And this is a good thing and if EO doesn't promote all this, then what's
> the alternative? Just because it *can* be misused is no reason not to
> examine its accessibility benefits. 
	[DJW:]  On the other hand people need to anticipate the
	misuses, and see if there is anything that will avoid
	them.  Note my first introduction to a draft of this paper
	was as a counter to a previous statement of this thesis,
	so I treated the document as covering the majority case
	as well as the minority one.  I.E. as it was used to
	counter my position, I think it reasonable to use my
	position to counter it.

[DJW:]  I'm running out of time here, but
one of the points I think I deleted was 
what's different between SVG and Flash.
As I see it, the differences are that you 
can construct complete navigation pages in
it, that it is sanctioned by W3C, and that
it might be fully integrated with future 
browsers (although I sense that the developers
only have one toe in the water at present).

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