WAI - SVG accessibility comment


This is incredible. Via the quickmenu, I could even search for words. 
And the pictures stay clear even with glossy effects. We made some 
SVG images ourselves with the use of Jasc Trajectory Pro. This was 
very easy. It even works good with Style Sheets. However, a few first 

About the technology itself:
1. When zooming into an image the enlargement stays within the initial 
boundary of the image. This might be good when looking at a map, But 
the veiwer might easily loose overview over the image. Is it not possible 
have an option to zoom in, that the image is completely enlarged?

2. We tried to view svg in the newest Beta version of the IBM 
homepagereader and saw nothing at all (it shows the page but the text
shows the text of the previous page). Same goes for other screenreaders 
we use here. And we have SVG viewer installed. Is this a problem that the 
producers of this software have not yet implemented support for SVG and 
need a seperate viewer? Seperate?

3. When arriving on a page with SVG, it is not possible to tab from link to link 
like normally on a webpage. On our computers it only works with the mouse. 
What do we do wrong? Or has the file no entrance?

4. When searching a page with embedded SVG content with Control-F, the 
search does not include the SVG content. The SVG content has to be 
searched seperately. But to do that, one should be able to enter it without 
a mouse.

5. We seem to have a problem with the versions of DTD, the SVG viewers 
are looking for. Is it true that the older version of the DTD is not supported
by the newer version, or that there are differences. I get error messages
if i refer to the newer DTD address? All works well when using the old one.

About the document by Charles and Marja:
They did a great job! It took me a while to understand the CR, they did a 
good job in extrapolating the accessibility features. 

1. Is it possible to make the viewbox scale when enlarging the 'image'? And can 
the lock on certain elements like textsize etc be overriden by the user? I mean
that it is possible to zoom in to an image and have everything enlarge exept 
the fontsize (chapter 7). Can this also be overriden?

2. The coloring of the code is very comprehensive.

3. I do not want to offend anybody, but personally I know nothing about hubs
etc. This could scare people away. The first time I read it, I thought it was
a reference for making a network or so. Could me make it something many 
people would use, like a menustructure. If it is fancy, it might tickle designers
to use it and read on. We could put the endresult at the beginning.

4. Could we provide a few links to viewer locations to make it easier for
people to find and load a viewer. Maybe we could add a step by step 
page to your first SVG. Or even an online tutorial to make your own simple
menu for your homepage? ....well eh, maybe later

Thats it for now, see you this afternoon.
Kindest regards,

Henk Snetselaar and Eric Velleman

Received on Friday, 25 August 2000 08:02:49 UTC