At 02:08 PM 8/24/00 -0500, geoff freed wrote:
>Speaking as perhaps the lone Mac user, I have just a few comments:
>1.  In a rare instance of cooperation, both IE 5 and Netscape Communicator
>behaved nearly identically when showing the new WAI pages.  
>That's not a complaint.  Really.

JB: Thanks for checking on the Mac.

>2.  >"it is not a fancy redesign..."
>YAY!  I think its design is, on the whole, just fine and would urge
>you not to do much more to dress it up.   

JB: I was thinking of later. Much later...

>Having said that...
>I'm not wild about the light yellow background color or the darker yellow 
>boxes behind the headers.  They make me squint and, believe it or not, I
>that I read much more slowly on pages with bright colors.  
>Personally, I prefer white as a background.

JB: Fascinating. In the browsers I've tried it in, it has a very faint
egg-shell color background -- just enough to take the edge off of the white
-- and then a really dull mustard behind the H2's. Nothing bright about it
at all, except maybe the light green navbar. I'll chase down a Mac and have
a look. Another argument for browser-safe, although I've heard that even
those colors aren't so reliable.

>3.  Uh... allow me to refute #1:  the bullets appear as solid dots in IE
and clear
>dots in Netscape.  ??  Checking on a PC, it appears the intention is to
>use solid dots, which I prefer.

JB: Yes, my intention was solid dots, and I get the hollow ones in NS as
well. Actually I'd like to get away from the darned dots, but I don't want
to start throwing a bunch of images on the page unnecessarily.

>4.  On the Home page, the "questions about site?" link is a direct mailto
>Don't forget to include the e-mail address in the text.

JB: In real life, this will probably go to a section of the "About WAI"
page, which will have room to spell out these things.

>5.  I also tested it with Home Page Reader and had no problems.

JB: Thanks!

- Judy

>On Wednesday, August 23, 2000, Judy Brewer <> wrote:
>>Please review this redraft of the WAI Home Page -- and please read this
>>before commenting.
>>- the purpose of this redraft is to reorganize and clean up the current
>>home page;
>>- it is not a fancy redesign -- we will do more on another round;
>>- there are still some style sheet bugs, and it needs to be tested in
>>multiple browsers;
>>- it breaks information out into several new sub-pages, which also should
>>be reviewed;
>>- while the sub-pages are at their proper URI's, the redraft of the home
>>page is_not_ in its eventual home, so you'll need your "go back" command to
>>get back to it from any sub-pages, until it is at its own URL (next week,
>>if this is accepted as an improvement over the current home page);
>>- some info is missing, and some links not yet active, as you will see
>>(e.g. the "how to participate" or "how to get involved" page is not yet in
>>Questions for review:
>>- is the organization of info better?
>>- are the navigation options clear?
>>- are there key pieces of info you can't easily find?
>>- does it work well on various assistive technologies?
>>- does it display well in GUI browsers?
>>- is it an improvement over the current WAI home page (this should not be a
>>great challenge...)?
>>- other?
>>Send review comments to:
>>-, with a subject line of "WAI HOME PAGE
>>Pages for review:
>>Comments in advance of our EOWG meeting this Friday August 25
>>are welcome.
>>- Judy
>>Judy Brewer    +1.617.258.9741
>>Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
>>EOWG Home:
Judy Brewer    +1.617.258.9741
Director, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) International Program Office
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
MIT/LCS Room NE43-355, 545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA,  02139,  USA

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