SVG Accessibility Note commentary

"Examples use strong emphasis" illustrates the use of a self-reflexive
styling element to convey semantics. I wonder if there is some way to
convey this? Would a lynx user know this was happening?

My overall impression: there is material for two (2) different notes
here. One is a detailed tutorial-like introduction to SVG per se - not
necessarily related to accessibility concerns. The other is the mostly
narrative discussion of how all this relates to the titled issue.

I believe at least some consideration should be given to separating
these parts. There are uses for a note that is *about* accessibility
benefits of SVG without any detailed instructions on how SVG might be

Then again maybe not. Just my impression is that there will be readers
who might benefit from the issues discussion but be terminally put off
by the code fragments, etc.


Received on Tuesday, 8 August 2000 10:05:51 UTC