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Hi all,

Thanks to William, Jeff and Judy for all your comments. I was not
expecting them <smile>.
In regard to your comment William, I believe that Francisco's efforts
had contributed to change positively some things in Europe, although I
am not too optimistic for two reasons. First, as you know, EU presidency
rotates every six months, which sometimes leads to different agendas and
priorities for every country. As I see it now, the French presidency of
the EU is not "pushing" eEurope too much (it's my personal view).
Second, and most important, from my point of view, the results from
eEurope are very loose. There is "too much room" on the implementation
of some of the recommendations, and furthermore, there is not a clear
path to do so. Let's hope I am wrong, after all I am not a politician!


William Loughborough wrote:
> Just read Carlos' paper.
> A really marvelous piece of work.
> CV:: "However, in this side of the Atlantic, social policy is not
> included in the mandate of the EU."
> WL: There seems to be hope that this is changing. Francisco Godinho has
> indicated that during the Portugese Presidency of the EU, some
> significant strides have been made in the desired direction.
> --
> Love.

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